6 Top Tips for Contact Center Scheduling in 2021

April 27th - 11am (Central) / 5pm (UK) / 6PM (CET)

Scheduling is where the magic happens in WFM. It’s where you create shifts for your agents that match supply with demand, delivering great customer service while keeping the agents on-side and minimizing costs. Scheduling is never simple and it’s partly art and partly science. What’s more, all the parameters of scheduling have changed in the last year: employees, customers, and businesses. The good news is that we have scheduling options today that didn’t exist before. Join Dean Couchman and John Wade, two super-experienced WFM practitioners from InVision, as they reveal some hot tips that work in 2021 and beyond. If you’re responsible for scheduling in a contact center and you want to deliver your best-ever schedules, this webinar is a must-attend.

In this webinar, you will learn

  • How to schedule around new patterns of customer demand
  • How scheduling can boost agent engagement and reduce turnover
  • The impact on scheduling of a mixed office/home workforce
  • And much more

Our panelists

Dean mugshot

Dean Couchman

Dean Couchman is a senior contact center expert with over 20 years’ experience in industry sectors from outsourcing to media and financial services. He specializes in workforce planning and has first-hand knowledge of WFM across the entire planning cycle from forecasting to scheduling and real-time management. He has served in the contact center industry in roles ranging from analyst to director and for the last 13 years, he has been a WFM consultant helping over 200 contact centers to maximize the value of WFM to their businesses by adopting best practices.

John Wade

John Wade

John Wade is a senior WFM expert and has spent over 15 years in customer success and service roles in the corporate, private and non-profit sectors. He is an enthusiast of empowering others to truly get the most value possible out of their WFM solution. As a former Operations Director and Manager in contact centers of various sizes, he is an expert in employee engagement, intraday management and cost reduction.  John understands the challenges facing WFM professionals today and is passionate about delivering scalable solutions to complex planning problems around the world.

Chris Dealy

Chris Dealy

Chris Dealy is a WFM Evangelist at InVision, the company behind injixo - the award-winning pioneer of cloud workforce management and The Call Center School. Chris has over 20 years of experience in helping organisations of all sizes to up their game with workforce planning. Be it inaccurate forecasts, failing consistently to hit SLA, firefighting on the day, getting poor schedule adherence or just struggling with time-consuming and error-prone manual processes - Chris has seen it and can help find a solution. 

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