Contact center workforce management: trade secrets from 3 award-winning planning managers

Question: Who could be a better source of proven, best WFM practice than an award-winning planning manager? Answer: 3 award-winning planning managers!

Watch Jonathan O'Connor of Tructyre (The Forum 2023 Planning Manager of the Year), Steve Miller of Benenden Health (The Forum Planning Hero Award 2023) and Tim Milburn of emovis (UK Call Centre Management Association Resource Planning Manager of the Year 2023 - Gold) as they reveal the hacks, tips and best practices that helped take them to the top of their game.

In this webinar, you will learn

  • Tips, tricks and hacks to take your planning expertise to the next level
  • The hard and soft skills you need to be a top-performing workforce manager
  • How to become an award-winning planner yourself!

Our panelists

Jonathan O'Connor
Jonathan is Resource Planning Manager at Tructyre. He has over 10 years’ experience in resource planning across various organisations and fields. He has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of planning, and is passionate about pushing back boundaries in all things WFM. He actively participates in various planning groups and loves sharing his knowledge and experience with the wider planning community. He is also a believer in constant learning and innovation around the practices of WFM. His planning expertise was recognised by the Forum when he won their Planning Manager of the Year Award 2023.
Steven Miller
Steven is Resource & Capacity Planning Manager at Benenden Health. He is a multi award winning Resource Planning Manager with over 20 years experience in the contact centre industry across a number of different organisations and vertical markets. Steven is passionate about all things planning and is a champion of smaller contact centres with small planning teams. Steven loves being part of the wider planning community, working together to achieve our goals regardless of industry sector. His most recent award was being named Planning Hero 2023 by The Forum.
Tim Milburn

Tim is Planning Manager at emovis. He has over 25 years’ experience leading resource planning teams across a range of industries including finance, telecommunications and transport. He has a wealth of knowledge of budget setting, forecasting, scheduling, real time management and all aspects of planning analysis. Tim has a passion for supporting colleagues in their own development of resource planning disciplines and enjoys being part of the wider planning community to share his vast experience. He is the winner of multiple awards, including UK Call Centre Management Association Resource Planning Manager of the Year 2023.