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12 Steps to Successfully Implement WFM in a Busy Contact Centre

Tips, examples & best practices for an effective workforce management system setup.


How can I make time to implement Workforce Management in my Contact Centre?

We'd love to tell you that setting up your Workforce Management system is a complete walk in the park, and you can do it in two clicks, but... we'd simply be insulting your intelligence as a Workforce Manager, Operations Director or IT Manager.

Very often we hear questions and comments like, “How long does it take?” or “I am struggling to find space in my workload to do it, I have so much to do already”.

To help you in the implementation process, our experts have compiled 12 important steps to consider in order to successfully set up your workforce management system in the contact centre.

In this ebook you will learn ...

why knowledge transfer is key

to create a plan of action and a holistic concept

to have a close eye on data integration

about the importance of training

about the importance to understand your shift requirements

about the necessity of self-preservation and expectation setting