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General information

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In my contact center I have agents with an average staffing cost per agent (include National Insurance/Social Security, etc.) of .

In addition to the agents, people would access the WFM platform (planner, supervisors, etc.).

The number of activities for which I forecast and calculate a staffing requirement and would like to do so automatically is .

Reduced planning effort

WFM systems automate many planning tasks such as capture of call data, building schedules, publishing schedules, shift swaps, etc. Generally, a WFM software can save you between 30% to 70% of the time spent on forecasting, scheduling and reporting per month.

I estimate that days of planning per month can be saved following the introduction of WFM.

The average cost of a planner to my company (include National Insurance/Social Security, etc.) is per annum.

Reduced staffing costs

injixo WFM reduces periods of overstaffing, minimises overtime and maximises schedule adherence. This means you can do more with less while improving service level achievement with fewer agent hours. Generally, you can estimate an increase up to 20% in schedule efficiency if there is no existing WFM in place, and between 5-10% when upgrading from earlier system to injixo WFM.

I estimate a % increase in schedule efficiency due to more accurate forecasting, more efficient scheduling and better schedule adherence.

Reduced absence costs

Workforce Management applications reduce shrinkage, absence and lateness by providing better visibility of absences. Contact centers can typically estimate a 10% to 30% decrease in absence (sick) days due to better absence reporting.

I estimate % decrease in absence (sick) days due to better absence reporting.

On average, my agents are sick days per year.

Reduced staff attrition

Generally, WFM systems help to reduce staff turnover by avoiding burnout and boosting employee engagement. Typically, staff attrition can be reduced by 10% up to 50% of the average employee turnover per year (in %).

I estimate % reduction in staff attrition due to reduced burnout (resulting from better scheduling) and better agent engagement (resulting from agent self-service for holidays, shift swaps, etc.).

The current agent turnover per year is of % and the average cost of recruiting a new agent is , while the average cost of onboarding and training is .

Increased revenue

Do you sell products or services in your contact center?


For contact centers that sell products or services, more accurate forecasting and optimised scheduling due to a WFM application leads to fewer abandoned calls and chats etc. This can produce an increase of revenue by around 1% to 3%.

I estimate % increase in revenue as a result of reduction in abandoned sales calls, enabled through better forecasting and scheduling.

The annual sales revenue in the center is , with average profit margin of %.

Using a WFM tool?

Are you currently using a WFM tool?


The cost of annual maintenance is . Additionally, the cost of maintaining on-premises hardware, including backups, disaster recovery, etc. is and the cost of doing software upgrade per year is .



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