Resource Planning: Back to the Future

An expert presentation reflecting on how Resource Planning and WFM have evolved in the past 10 years and how they will (or won’t) change in the next 10 years. Presented by John Casey, Resource Planning Expert at CCplanning.

What you will learn in this expert video

In his talk recorded at PlanCon 2018, a new must-attend conference for WFM heroes, John reflects on the past and future developments in the fields of Resource Planning and WFM.

Here is an overview of the main topics that John addresses in his presentation:

  • The planning process 10 years ago and today
  • The planner's skill set, how it has evolved and how planners need to change in the future
  • The need for Excel - will it ever go away?
  • Self-service and the death of the contact centre
  • Multichannel & Omnichannel
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About the speaker

John Casey
Resource Planning Expert at CCplanning
John is a practical, hands on planner who has worked with many of UK's leading businesses on their resource plans. Prior to joining Ascensos as Head of Planning, John was Director at ‘The Forum’, a best practice organisation devoted to enhancing skills of customer contact professionals.