Breaking Down the Barrier Between Planning & Operations

Inspiring keynote on how to break down the old 'Planning vs Ops‘ ethos in contact centres. Jason Bartram, Head of Resource Planning at Ombudsman shares insights, practical tips and the benefits that they experienced in the process.

What you will learn in this expert video

In his talk recorded at PlanCon, a new must-attend conference for WFM heroes, Jason explains how they broke down the 'Planning vs Ops‘ ethos and shares his thoughts on how at Ombudsman they put a lot of thought and effort into understanding clear roles and the inputs and outputs of responsibilities by focusing on accountability.

Here is an overview of the main topics that Jason addresses in his presentation:

  • The importance of defining clear roles and responsibilities
  • How Jason and his team managed to transform a contact centre that was paralysed by unclear roles and responsibilities within one year’s time to win the Contact Centre of the Year award in 2017
  • How to use the Colour Energies tool to understand personality types and to improve teamwork

About the speaker

Jason Bartram
Head of Resource Planning at Ombudsman
Jason is Head of Resource Planning at Ombudsman with more than 15 years of experience in Contact Centre Planning and has previously played a key role in dramatically improving the Operational KPIs at Ombudsman Services which contributed to winning a key Contact Centre award in 2017 at the first attempt.