The Best Cloud Software for Contact Centers

This e-book will give you guidance to choose the right cloud-based technology to level-up your contact center. In this guide, we share our best picks for contact center software for the most important areas of focus - like ACDs, callback solutions, chat and social media tools, customer relationship management (CRM) and performance management (PM) systems, speech analytics and, of course, workforce management systems. Some of the tools in this e-book will be already known to you. Others are hidden gems for you to consider.

In this e-book, you will...

  • Get recommendations for tools that will take your contact center to the next level in terms of performance, quality & customer satisfaction
  • Understand the benefits of cloud software
  • Learn how the software landscape in the contact center has changed in recent years
  • Get best practices on how to convince with your technology business case

The best tools for your contact center

ACDs, Callback Solutions, Chat, Social, CRM, Speech Analytics, WFM, PM & More.

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