How to Successfully Achieve Service Level in Your Contact Center

Part 2

Consistently hitting your Service Level target is a key ingredient of the customer experience and is good for agent morale. Failing to hit Service Level target, however, has lots of negative consequences and might even result in penalties for underperformance. How can WFM planners ensure to achieve those goals consistently?


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In this e-book you will learn ...

  • How to evaluate your service level delivery strategy
  • Assess the effectiveness of your HR partnership
  • The importance of data validation
  • To examine your self serve options
  • Analyze the structure of your planning team
  • And many more crucial thought provoking questions


Service level: the #1 KPI in almost every call center

The planning team can take a bow when Service Level goals are hit, because without accurate forecasts, efficient schedules and good adherence tracking, it simply wouldn’t happen! Discover all of our tips and tricks to achieve your SL targets every time