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Contact Center BPO: 8 Proven Success Strategies


As a contact center BPO do you have all the strategies in place to succeed in a hugely competitive environment?

We have identified eight strategies you can deploy to thrive. Get your copy of the eBook and start to apply these strategies.

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Success Strategies for Contact Center BPOs

Contact center business process outsourcers (BPOs or “outsourcers”) have similar goals and challenges to in-house contact centers - and some additional ones of their own. They’ve got to keep several plates spinning at all times. Do they have a secret sauce that helps them to achieve that?

Here are the eight strategies we've identified in order to thrive in this highly competitive business environment.

1. Ruthlessly Control Costs
Challenge every expense. Optimize agent schedules to minimize costs and avoid penalties.
2. Keep Laser Focus on the SLA
Constantly monitor and control SL. Avoid over-staffing as carefully as you avoid under-staffing.
3. Obsessively Manage Supply & Demand
Forecast demand based on real data - don’t depend on the client. Level up your real-time management practices.
4. Align Costs with Revenues
Implement fair but flexible employment contracts that flex worked hours around demand. Choose pay-per-use software. 
5. Be Agile
Remember that success is about the survival of the most adaptable. Don’t accept heavy IT projects.
6. Control Staff Turnover
Don’t skip training and 1:1s. Engage agents in the scheduling process with self-service tools.
7. Automate as Much as Possible
Use AI to automatically produce accurate forecasts. Use optimization algorithms to build perfect schedules.
8. Choose The Right WFM Application
Look for pay-per-use pricing. Agent self-service via smartphone. Unlimited integrations.