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The Must-Have Guide to Accurate Call Center Forecasting


Everything is predicated on getting the forecast right

An effective forecast for an operations is like having a healthy heart. Your forecast takes in data and pumps out information and guidance for your scheduling and service level management functions. Everything is predicated on getting the forecast right.

Forecasting is the most challenging function in workforce management because accurate data can be a challenge, business information doesn't always make it back into the process, and a forecaster is left to make judgement calls – and take accountability for it.

Getting educated on the principles of effective forecasting is a great way to set yourself up for success. There are ways to forecast, reforecast, and address volatility in a call center operations that have been used in the best operations for years. This book of all levels lock down the basics of call center forecasting, and inject into your operations.

In this ebook you will learn ...

The foundations of the principles of Call Center Forecasting

How to stress test your flexibility to manage volatility

How to make sure you get the data right

The importance of measuring variability

What critical factors you might be missing

And many more top tips and tricks from the experts!