Top Challenges in Contact Centre Planning

An overview of the most important problems contact centres face in planning and how to tackle them. An inspiring keynote by Jonty Pearce, Editor at Call Centre Helper.

What you will learn in this keynote video

In this keynote video, Jonty Pearce, Editor at Call Centre Helper, talks about the biggest challenges and problems contact centres face in planning today. In the process of talking to contact centre professionals across the globe and visiting contact centres in the UK for many years, he and his team identified and analysed a bunch of recurring problems, pain points and challenges in planning. In his presentation recorded during PlanCon 2018, a new must-attend conference for WFM heroes, Jonty elaborated on the most important and crucial challenges and proposed a set of solutions and strategies to tackle them.

Here is an overview of the main topics that Jonty addresses in his presentation

  • Hidden pitfalls of web chat
  • Forecasting with minimal data
  • Dealing with absence and forecast accuracy
  • Getting buy-in to schedules and forecasts

About the Speaker


Jonty Pearce

Editor at Call Centre Helper

Jonty is a well-known expert and leading figure in the contact centre industry since many years. Under his editorial guidance, he has built up a significant readership base of over 200,000 monthly visitors to Call Centre Helper, a popular online magazine and free information resource for contact centre best practices.