Perfect Skills-based-routing in the contact centre

A case-study based Webinar

What you will learn in this webinar...

  • How the workforce management function should be set up
  • Identify those who you can begin to promote into the WFM team as the business expands or people leave
  • How to partner with operations to create a workforce management internship program in your contact center
  • How to build 'bench strength' to ensure the continuity and success of your workforce management team

About the speakers

Charles Watson
Charles has over 20 years experience in Contact Centre operations helping companies of all sizes optimize their workforce. He has served as an executive at several Fortune 500 companies and is an industry expert on WFM.
Wendy Fowler
Wendy is a Call Center Operations and Workforce Management Consultant with expertise designing, implementing and improving operations and technology solutions that optimize the effectiveness of call centers with a special focus on healthcare, financial and hospitality industries.

About the host

Chris Dealy
Chris has specialised in WFM for call centres for 16 years. He frequently writes on the subject, he has helped countless companies to reap its benefits and knows the business case inside out.