Webinar video

Ingredients of the contact center outsourcers' secret sauce


Learn how BPOs deliver on SLAs, optimize customer service, reduce turnover and control costs from 3 veterans of the outsourcing industry.

Our Panelists

john-devlin John Devlin
ed-alcock Ed Alcock
layne-edwards Layne Edwards

What our attendees say

I've really enjoyed the webinars, always good to see how other people do what they do - and to keep up with what's going on with my peers.
Nice to touch base with other planners - and you provided some good tips.
Provided some good tips which I can use in my daily work. Totally worth it!

What you will learn

  • How outsourcing contact centers are different from in-house centers
  • What in-house contact centers can learn from outsourcers - and vice-versa
  • How outsourcers approach people, process and technology