Ingredients of the contact center outsourcers' secret sauce

Learn how BPOs deliver on SLAs, optimize customer service, reduce turnover and control costs from 3 veterans of the outsourcing industry.

What you will learn

  • How outsourcing contact centers are different from in-house centers
  • What in-house contact centers can learn from outsourcers - and vice-versa
  • How outsourcers approach people, process and technology

What our attendees say

I've really enjoyed the webinars, always good to see how other people do what they do - and to keep up with what's going on with my peers.
Nice to touch base with other planners - and you provided some good tips.
Provided some good tips which I can use in my daily work. Totally worth it!

Our panelists

John Devlin
John is the co-founder and CEO of contact center BPO Ascensos. With over 27 years of experience in the BPO and CX arena, John has partnered with leading global brands such as KFC, Peloton, Aldi, B&Q, and Polo Ralph Lauren. Prior to forming Ascensos in 2013, John held senior leadership positions at beCogent and Teleperformance. In 2021 John was recognized as a Regional Winner and UK National Finalist at the coveted EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards.
Ed Alcock
Ed is Resource Planning Manager at contact center BPO ResQ. He has over 25 years of experience in contact centers, working with staffing budgets from as little as $3m to $400m, both in-house and BPO. He has a track record of streamlining processes for accuracy and efficiency while working to an agenda of marrying customer journeys to agent lifecycles and work-life balance. He's recognized for delivering a holistic approach to WFM to achieve business goals.
Layne Edwards
Layne is Forecasting & Planning Manager at vacation and air travel operator Jet2. He previously worked for one of the UK’s largest contact center BPOs, with responsibility for workforce management and capacity planning. He oversaw significant, sustained growth for a blue-chip banking client. In his current role, he has led his team through a period of unprecedented challenges, in an industry that even in normal times has to manage large seasonal variations.
Chris Dealy
Chris Dealy
Chris Dealy is a WFM Evangelist at InVision, the company behind injixo - the award-winning pioneer of cloud workforce management. Chris has over 20 years of experience in helping organizations of all sizes to up their game with workforce planning. Be it inaccurate forecasts, failing consistently to hit SLA, getting poor schedule adherence or just struggling with error-prone manual processes - Chris has seen it and can help find a solution.