WFM lessons from 2020: Insights from the SWPP that you’ll need in 2021


In this webinar, industry experts will reveal insights from the Winter 2020/21 survey of SWPP members.

Our panelists

Vicki Herrell Vicki Herrell
Nicole Charbonneau Nicole Charbonneau
Chris Dealy Chris Dealy

What our attendees said

The webinar was perfect.
Presenters were interesting and engaging, and our host as usual, was great!
I don't know if I missed these seminars before, or they were less frequent, but I find these absolutely worth my time.

In this webinar, you will

  • Gain insights from the most recent SWPP surveys
  • Learn what SWPP members are doing about home working, the return to work post-pandemic, and more
  • Interact with respected industry experts