WFM lessons from 2020: Insights from the SWPP that you’ll need in 2021

It’s become a cliché to describe 2020 as “unprecedented.” There has been much speculation about the “new normal.” It’s time for some hard facts. Watch Vicki Herrell of SWPP and Nicole Charbonneau of Optima as they reveal insights from the most recent SWPP surveys of workforce planning professionals.

What our attendees said

The webinar was perfect.

Presenters were interesting and engaging, and our host as usual, was great!

I don't know if I missed these seminars before, or they were less frequent, but I find these absolutely worth my time.

In this webinar, you will

  • Gain insights from the most recent SWPP surveys
  • Learn what SWPP members are doing about home working, the return to work post-pandemic, and more
  • Interact with respected industry experts

Our panelists

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Vicki Herrell

Vicki Herrell is Executive Director of the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP) which she has led since its inception in 2002. She has over 20 years' experience in the call center and workforce management industries, having served in client relations and events management for the former TCS Management Group. Author of Workforce Management Expert Solutions and editor of the SWPP newsletter On Target, she is a respected and popular speaker on industry best practices.

nicole mono

Nicole Charbonneau

Nicole Charbonneau heads up WFM Coordination & Analytics at Optima Communications International, Inc. She has 10 years' experience scheduling 500+ employees across three locations, both inbound and outbound, for a variety of clients. She has successfully implemented multiple WFM applications and developed processes to drive e.g. adherence and attendance both in and out of office. She combines analytic with artistic flair, and celebrates both creativity and technology.

Chris Dealy

Chris Dealy

Chris Dealy is a WFM Specialist at InVision, the company behind injixo - the award-winning pioneer of cloud workforce management and The Call Center School. Chris has over 20 years of experience in helping organisations of all sizes to up their game with workforce planning. Be it inaccurate forecasts, failing consistently to hit SLA, firefighting on the day, getting poor schedule adherence or just struggling with time-consuming and error-prone manual processes - Chris has seen it and can help find a solution. 

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