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The WFM Journey of Industry Pioneers

André Leitão, co-founder, CEO and podcast host at weWFM, talks to Penny Reynolds, Founding Partner of The Call Center School and James Quiggins, injixo Business Development Leader, about their extraordinary journey as colleagues and friends within the world of Workforce Management (WFM). Learn about the challenges they've faced, the milestones they've witnessed, and the importance of friendship in this ever-evolving landscape.


The WFM Journey of Industry Pioneers

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We step back in time to the industry's early days, exploring initial challenges and how they were overcome. We also follow Penny and Jim's journey, witnessing the industry's transformation over three decades.

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Journey through WFM History

In the 1980s, Continental Airlines pioneered the call center concept with ticket agents, setting the foundation for modern contact centers where employees are still referred to as 'agents'.

Founding The Call Center School

The Call Center School (TCCS), stands as a beacon of call center expertise. We delve into its origin, highlighting its pivotal role in molding call center professionals and refining industry practices. At its core, TCCS is dedicated to the growth and development of individuals in this field.
Technology - Driving force in WFM Transformation

What is the impact of technological advancements on workforce management from the early days to the present, and how has it shaped the way call centers operate?
Impact of Technology on Contact Centers

Technology such as AI will have greatest impact on routine, mundane types of jobs. That’s why we care about the nature of work - and the changing nature of work. Despite AI, there will always be a need for the uniquely human elements of customer interaction.
Workforce Management's Human Aspect

In the middle of technological advancements, the human aspect remains vital. How can we approach workforce management from a people centric perspective, and what role does employee engagement play in optimizing operations?
Friendship - Professional Journey

Penny and Jim share a remarkable professional journey with some funny stories along the way. They came up with the singing shoe-shine initiative and 'work the schedule tonight' song.

Reflections and Advice

What key advice would you offer to newcomers in the call center workforce management industry, based on your accumulated experience?
Concluding Thoughts

Penny and Jim share their final thoughts for those in the contact center workforce management industry.

Spent over 10 years working and studying Workforce Management, his career started by studying to become a Software Developer soon falling in love with the Operations world. 

André is a strategic planning enthusiast across his career managed WFM for different businesses from Telecommunications, Banking, Retail, Gaming, and E-commerce.

pennyreynolds (1)
Penny Reynolds spent three decades consulting with all types and sizes of contact centers.  As a co-founder of The Call Center School, she trained over 10,000 call center professionals in the areas of customer service, performance management, quality assurance, and workforce management.

Penny serves on the Advisory Board of the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP), guiding educational content, certification, and professional development of workforce planners around the world.
jim_1 copy
James (Jim) Quiggins has a 35-year career in consulting, technology software sales, marketing, and business development, and currently serves as a CX leader at InVision AG, known for injixo WFM and The Call Center School eLearning solutions.

His extensive experience includes global senior roles at TCS Management Group, Aspect (now Alvaria), IEX/NICE, and Calabrio. Previously, he was a university professor and department chairperson. Jim holds a PhD in Communication and Human Relations from The University of Kansas.


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