What is WFM and why do you need it?


This must-have document is a comprehensive guide to navigating the intricacies of workforce management. It is designed to empower you - workforce managers, planners, and forecasters - with the knowledge you need to harness the technology and steer your operation - and you - toward unprecedented success.

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What you'll find inside

Why WFM Matters

WFM empowers contact centers to strike a harmonious balance between customer satisfaction, employee well-being, and business success. Few other technologies can simultaneously improve customer experience and reduce costs while improving employee engagement.

How WFM Works

WFM is a repeating process and that’s why it is often characterized as a cycle. The cycle includes forecasting, long-range planning, scheduling, intraday management, and analytics. There are pitfalls to avoid in every step. And it's all underpinned by employee engagement and compliance.

Future Trends

The world of planning isn't standing still. The omnichannel, hybrid-working, AI-enabled age we live in presents new challenges and new opportunities. We explore what's coming up in the field of WFM, from predictive analytics, machine learning to automated assistance to omnichannel support, and more.


We provide actionable takeaways that you can put in place straight away. We'll bring you up-to-date on WFM best practices, make you ready for upcoming changes in the industry, and show you how to enhance accuracy, flexibility, and productivity while getting rapid return on investment from your technology.